How To Find Investors And Joint Venture Partners For Your Property Investments

how to find investors

How to find investors for your property investment business? Is that a common question we come across?

In other words “where can you find people with money?” 

This probably is a closely guarded topic and not much advice available as compared to many other topics.


Trust me. The answer to such a difficult question is very simple.

“Money can be found everywhere and there are 6 ninja hints in this post to help you find it.”

Obtaining finance for your projects can be a lot easier than you think. You just need to know where to go and how to subtly ask for it.

Before we get to know where and how we can find those investors, lets get on to same page on who an investor and joint venture partners are?

Nothing like listening to a monk!!

A chit chat with property monks can only do good for your property investment journey. Join us now. 

Who Is An Investor?

An investor is someone that will lend you or your business money for a set period of time for a set return. They rarely get hands on with the property or the deal itself.

What Is A Joint Venture Partnership?

There is a subtle difference between an investor and a joint venture partner.

A joint venture partner is likely to be more hands on than an investor and will normally take a much larger interest in the property and the deal.

The internet standard definition of a Joint Venture Partnership (JV Partnership) is “when two or more persons come together to form a temporary partnership for the purpose of carrying out a particular project”.

Where Can You Find Investors and JV Partners?

Money is pretty much everywhere. The secret is to find the places that give you the best chance of being with people that are likely to have it.

Property Networking Events

Property Networking Events are very useful. Progressive Property Network events (PPN), Property Investor Networking (PIN) and Property Hub meetups are all superb examples of property related networking events.

People turn up to property events for numerous reasons. They may want to find out more about property, they may already be investing in property or they may have money but are not sure what to do with it. Equally, people such as interior designers will attend as they have superb opportunities in which to grow their own businesses and network.

The key is to get around the room and introduce yourself to as many people as possible and build that rapport through conversations. Always follow up too because you never know who you are going to meet and what is going to happen. Just get out, speak to people and build your network.

Local Business Networking Events

Business Networking International (BNI) is a very good example of a local event. BNI meetings are in many places and consist of local business people coming together to network, share and pass on business to each other. There is normally room for a property investor and/or developer.

Your investment area or the area where you live is likely to have a local chamber of commerce. They are relatively inexpensive to join and can provide some superb opportunities. Local business people get together regularly in order to discuss what is going on in the local area. Not many people will have a knowledge in property and you will be able to position yourself as an expert. This could create opportunities over time too.

Social Media

Social media is a fantastic place to raise finance. People watch each other on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You never know who will be watching your projects, deals or your property journey.

Keep showing people what you are doing, keep adding value to other people and be consistent. While i was thinking on how to find investors, I ended up raising £15,000 via Facebook.

This is just by posting about what has been going on and sharing photos and information. There are people out there that have raised a lot more through social media.

High End Clubs And Restaurants

It is common to hear stories about attending selective clubs (high end men’s and women’s clubs in London for example), talking to club members and then being offered a lot of money. The fact of the matter is that people with money will spend time in establishments that are of a high standard.

It is unlikely that you will ever overhear a conversation in a McDonalds about a multi million pound development whereas you may hear that conversation in a high end restaurant or at a high end club.

Sports Clubs and Gyms

Do you play golf? Do you know of a rotary club near you?

It is always beneficial to mix passion and profession. If you already play golf, enjoy shooting, going to the gym or helping others (rotary clubs) then you are already in a great position.

A lot of people that undertake these activities do so for various reasons, they enjoy it and, more importantly, they have the time to do it.

If people have time to do what they love to do then chances are that they are either retired, have money or both.

Attend and get talking to people. Build rapport and tell people what you do. If you do not tell people what you do then they will never know.

How To Find Investors And Joint Venture Partners (6 Ninja Hints)

Here are six ninja tips on how to find investors you need for your property investment business.

1Ninja Hint #1

Network with a purpose. Know what you are going networking for and set yourself goals. If you know that the end goal is to raise ‘x’ amount of pounds then your objective for every networking event maybe to meet 3 new people and get their business cards and follow up.

It is better to have a target such as that rather than just turning up without a focus.

If time is precious to you then make the most out of your networking by having focus and by knowing what you are going for.

Learn more on Networking Framework that you can use to build your network.

2Ninja Hint #2

Always follow up if you take someone else’s business card. It is crucial to follow up the following day or two. It is one thing to make great connections yet the rapport and relationship has to be worked on. Therefore, always follow up with a ‘hello’ and a ‘thank you for your time’ email or call. This will keep the rapport building going.

Follow Up…..Follow Up…..Follow Up…..

3Ninja Hint #3

Do not just rely on one form of networking event to start. Try and attend as many different types of networking events as possible. Use a blend to start off with. You will find over time that some networking events will be more beneficial than others. When you have what you want then do not necessarily quit networking, in fact you should never quit networking, but instead pick and choose what works for you.

Never Quit Networking

4Ninja Hint #4

When you are at a networking event or at a rotary club, rather than saying ‘I’m a property investor’ try saying something along the lines of ‘I help people make money in property’, ‘I find properties for investors people in Hull’ or ‘I provide property solutions to people that are in need of help’.

A property investor could mean many different things. In order to stand out from the crowd when talking to others, try to be creative with your opening line. Telling someone you help people make money in property is more likely to provoke an intrigued response rather than just saying you are a property investor.

Tell people what you do and (ideally) where you do it.


5Ninja Hint #5

Add value to other people. The law of reciprocity says that ‘when someone does something nice for you, you will have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return’ That is just the tip of the iceberg as it is quite common for people to reciprocate with a gesture far more generous than their original good deed.

So if you are adding value to others by sharing your story, sharing your challenges and information about something and by offering to help others, then you may find that those same people that you have helped will in turn help you further on down the line.

Add value to other people by giving solutions to their problems.

6Ninja Hint #6

If you have an investment opportunity then tell people about it. Meet up with people and share the details.

Carry a brochure or investment document around with you at all times, share it with people and do not ask ‘do you have the money for this?’ yet instead say ‘if you know of anyone that would be interested then please get them to get in touch with me’. This is a very subtle way of asking.

The same applies to social media. If the deal is secure it is best to give out some numbers, what you are looking for and do a call to action such as ‘e-mail me at or call me on….for further information’.

Go public with the investment opportunity in hand.


Money is everywhere. Your network is your net worth so be with people that are going to add value to your life and your business. Network, attend events, think where people with money normally spend their time and go and spend your time there too.

Add value to others, build rapport over time and this will help to build crucial relationships and trust.

If you have a deal or a project then show it to people and ask if they know of anyone that would be interested. You never know, they may have the money sat in the bank ready and waiting.

If you do strike it lucky very quickly with a contact with money then that is superb and many congratulations!


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