8 Property Books You Should Read If You Are A Property Investor

property books

If you spoke to 100 different people and asked them to name their top 10 property books, then it is very likely that you will get 100 different combinations.

Every book in this list is very useful in its own right.

You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you were not keen on learning even more about property.

The books in this list cover a wide range of property knowledge from various property multi-millionaires.

Every single one of these books is packed full of useful information and will provide you with different property strategies and ideas.

Most importantly though, they will provide you with knowledge and action points that will help you to change your life.

1Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

One of the most, if not the most influential books in the world. Think you know the difference between assets and liabilities? Then think again. The fundamental knowledge and way of looking at things provided in this book out all property books listed is life changing.

This book demonstrates how your mindset regarding assets and liabilities will help you to create long term wealth and how you should look to invest your money into cash flowing assets in order to generate wealth over time.

So many people out there buy things that they think are ‘assets’ that are in fact ‘liabilities’ and vice versa. So many people believe that this book changed their life so read it, take it all in and go and change your life by understanding assets, how they work and how they can work for you rather than you working for them!

2The Complete Guide to Property Investing by Rob Dix

Rob Dix provides really good, quality content in this book. The Complete Guide to Property Investing provides exceptional knowledge whilst combining good action points and things to get you started in property.

If you are completely new to the world of property investing then this book is a great introduction that gives you a great insight into what is involved.

It gives different points of view which relates to different people’s financial situation and how involved into property investment they currently are.

It is a very easy to read book which explains property investment in a simple, easy to understand and in a way that is honest and inspirational.

3How To Make Cash in a Property Crash by Rob Moore and Mark Homer

Rob Moore & Mark Homer always add really valuable tips and hints about property investing in their books.

Some of the best information in this book centers around Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and how this can help you during the negotiation stages with both vendors and agents.

How to make cash in a property crash is written by people with huge experience and who were in the thick of it in the financial crisis of 2007-2008. The book is written in a clear and concise style which makes the potentially challenging subject readily accessible.

Do not believe the mass media mindset that property is dead, buy to lets are dead and that property does not yield results. These scare tactics from the media are designed to put people off from investing in this timeless asset class.

From the pitfalls of a boom and bust property cycle and economy, this book is filled with relevant content consistently and urges you to ‘buck the trend’ and just go and do it.

The key point from the book is that there will always be buyers and sellers at all stages of the property cycle. Just because the cycle maybe on a downturn, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make any money!

4Property Magic by Simon Zutshi

Property Magic is written in an easy to follow manner and explains how to buy property, when to buy property and various strategies to invest in property.

Property Magic also delivers mind blowing strategies in to how to purchase BMV (Below Market Value) property from Motivated Sellers using simple yet effective techniques like mailshots and leafleting. It’s not all about speaking to and dealing with Estate Agents you know!

Discover numerous property investing strategies such as Buy To Lets, Purchase Lease Options and even Rent To Rents. Further to that your current time and financial position will help you to determine the strategy that is right for you in property.

It also explains how to ensure your investment/purchase is a win-win situation for you and the seller. This is what sets Simon and this book apart from many others.

The continual ethical stance of win-win is something that sits well with us here at The Property Monks and should sit well with you too.

5100 Property Investment Tips: Learn from the experts and accelerate your success by Rob Dix

A simple yet very effective book. Rob Dix provides the bulk of the content and guest writers have complemented this by offering their advice too. The book covers a wide variety of subjects and insights into the challenges of property and how to overcome them.

What not to say to builders, how to overcome challenges by solicitors and what to look for when you are deciding your area for investment are all examples of topics that are discussed in this book packed with many useful hints and tips.

Don’t expect in-depth information on a wide range of subjects but instead numerous tips and golden nuggets of information that will surely help you in one way or another in property.

6Multiple Streams of Property Income by Rob Moore and Mark Homer

Ever thought about having different strategies in property?

Be it Buy To Lets or some HMO’s…..

Maybe running a lettings agency?

Or publicly speaking about property?

If you are looking for a short, medium and long term blueprint then Multiple Streams of Property Income is for you.

Property doesn’t necessarily revolve around buying and holding or buying and selling property.

This book takes you on the journey of Rob Moore and Mark Homer. Their journey with Progressive Property and how they started and created their portfolio consisting of over 500 properties.

It reflects how they have evolved over time to create a multi-million pound training business and multiple streams of property income.

If you are looking to gain multiple streams of property income such as speaking, running a training academy et al then you will definitely want to read this. Follow their cycle and do what is right for you and your business. Your eyes will be opened to many new avenues!

7Planning and HMO’s by C.J Haliburton

If you are considering a change of property use and are looking to buy, renovate or manage HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupation) then read this book.

Jim Haliburton has a no nonsense approach to writing and always gets straight to the point. There is no ‘fluff’ in this book, just Jim speaking from experience and passing his knowledge on to you.

All aspects of HMO’s are covered. From managing tenants and bills to having en suites in rooms, Article 4 and changes of planning from C3 to C4 use, Jim isn’t known as the HMO Daddy for no reason. His plethora of knowledge and experience in this field of property has yielded some fantastic results.

It’s packed full of useful and relevant information.

8Property Investing Secrets by Rob Moore and Mark Homer

Property Investing Secrets (4th Edition) provides a more in-depth look into all the various aspect of property investing. It follows on from the Multiple Streams of Property Income book written by the same authors.

It’s quite elaborate and delves into all aspects of investing in property, from how to negotiate all the way through to managing your property portfolio and commercial conversions. The topic range covered in this book is absolutely enormous.

The tax implications section is extremely useful and offers really useful advice on whether to incorporate as a company or to buy property in your own name. (Always speak to an Independent Financial Advisor or an accountant before undertaking such actions).

Rob is always emphasizing on taking action and Property Investing Secrets really does reiterate the importance for having the right mindset and taking action in property busness.

And finally

Take action by buying the books, reading them or listening to them on Audible. Then take more action by doing what they tell you to do!


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