Top 5 Business and Property Podcasts Every Investor Should Listen To

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How often do you access property podcasts to enhance your knowledge. Are we at that golden era of podcasting yet? Don’t think so if i have to go by numbers.

I was at a webinar organised by Rob Moore and came across a shocking statistic.

Did you know?

Only 4% of people in the UK listen to Podcasts?

That probably suggests podcasts haven’t become mainstream yet, let alone listening to property podcasts.

For those upcoming bloggers, is this an opportunity to start a podcast channel for your journey?


Let me not digress. Our topic is to check out the best 5 property podcasts that are worth listening to for starters.

Nothing like listening to a monk!!

A chit chat with property monks can only do good for your property investment journey. Join us now. 

But first:

Let’s have a one liner on what is a podcast.

Podcast is a digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

Podcasts are essentially a different way of learning and an alternative to physically reading. If you listen to them on the go then you will be leveraging your time.

Imagine being able to listen to property podcasts whilst driving or whilst being at the gym or even commuting.

You can access Podcasts through the iTunes store or the Android store. Most property podcasts are completely free.

You can listen to them on any audio device such as a phone, computer or a tablet. You can listen to them on numerous speeds. 2x speed may take some time to get used to but that is where you need to aim for.

That way you will be able to listen to double the content in the same amount of time.

Here they are:

5 Best Property Podcasts To Listen To

1The Disruptive Entrepreneur by Rob Moore

Rob Moore has built up multiple businesses and multiple streams of property income. The Disruptive Entrepreneur is designed to share a plethora of knowledge with you and covers many topics from brand building all the way to how to deal with angry customers.

The content is a mixture of interviews, short podcasts and some live Q & A sessions. The podcast isn’t focused on just property but instead focused on general business and entrepreneurship.

It is well worth listening to and there are always golden nuggets of information.

You can access Disruptive Entrepreneur podcasts in iTunes here.

2Property Podcasts by Rob Bence and Rob Dix

The Property Podcast covers a wide range of property subjects. Rob and Rob give their own views and thoughts on a wealth of subjects within property.

From taxes, changes in regulations and up and coming areas all the way through to the property cycle and different strategies, this podcast will help you to keep up to date with what is going on in the economy and what is ‘hot’ and what is ‘not.

Their short and sharp Q & A sessions are invaluable.

iTunes again if you wish to listen to them or their own website.

3The I Love Marketing Podcast by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish

A wide range of content is covered by Dean & Joe and their entourage of guest speakers. Topics are incredibly wide ranging as Dean & Joe seek to interview many business owners and get them to share their stories on a wide range of subjects.

From writing dating profiles to ad-copy, you will be able to take away many lessons which you will then be able to apply to your property business. We are always marketing in one way or another and understanding the psychology behind it is crucial to success.

The I Love Marketing Podcast will help you to understand that there is more to marketing than meets the eye.

Dean and Joe’s podcasts can be accessed here.

4Mark My Words by Mark Homer

Similar to the Disruptive Entrepreneur, Mark shares many live Q&A sessions and interviews in Mark My Words. The podcast is predominantly property focused and is intricate in detail (just like Mark himself). You will always learn something new by listening to this podcast either from Mark or one of the special guests.

Topics covered include property tax planning, changes in government legislation and how to live a low cost high life.

Mark’s podcasts can be referenced here.

5The Inside Property Investing Podcast by Michael Stenhouse

Michael mainly interviews others and gets others to share their journeys on this podcast.

This property podcast has special guest interviews, site interviews and studio interviews that cover a wide range of property journeys and strategies.

It is great to hear and share the successes of others and this podcast will be able to inspire to you take your property business and knowledge to the next level.

Access Mike’s podcast series here.


Get on your computer, tablet or audio device and download the Podcast app.

Download these podcasts, including their back catalogues, and start listening, learning and taking action.

It does not matter what level you are at in your life or your journey, there is always more to learn. The knowledge provided in these podcasts can only help you.


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